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When your home boasts an extensive exterior space, hardscaping in Weymouth, MA grants you an opportunity to make maximum use of it. At Environmentally Designed Landscapes Inc, we can add extremely attractive features to your landscape, from a fully-developed outdoor living room and a kitchen to a rustic stacked wall!

As your hardscape contractor, we are mindful of your goals and budget. We understand the importance of well-thought out planning when designing the most ideal exterior living spaces. We take our time in assessing your functional needs in the context of available space to optimize hardscaping benefits.

Even if you require us to add just one hardscape feature for now, our analysis takes into account the entire picture, because a single mismatch can be costly to rearrange. Our expert planning guarantees that any future additions fall neatly into place, whether you want patios, pavers, walls, barbecues, ponds, or walkways.

Through experience, we have learned about the need to address drainage concerns for any type of hardscape construction. Poor drainage planning can mess up beautiful and otherwise solid constructions. We also look into how the installation of specific hardscape features in certain areas of your landscape can affect the drainage of the entire space.

We also consider environmental concerns when planning on hardscape installations. If there is the likelihood of rain or irrigation water runoff, our design can implement a way to capture the water and reuse it as opposed to letting it waste away.

To ensure that your driveway maintains its great look and use, our driveway contractor employs standard and quality sub-grade preparation, mixing, construction, and reinforcement. We can create the finish you require on a concrete or asphalt driveway. Visit us today for an estimate.

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